Theatre mural or Mural of a theatre

This is the faux finish we painted on the wall before we painted on the mural. We used a acrylic based wall glaze, to give it an old world look.
This is a flat wall, we painted it to have the illusion of looking into a theatre, the curtains are painted on also.

This is what you get when a client wants a play area under the stairs to be turned into a movie theatre themed play area. On the outside of this mural area we painted it to look like an old movie theatre. We painted a faux finish glaze over the surface first. Each side has a window so on one side we put a popcorn and candy 5 cents sign, and above the window on the opposite side we put a ticket sign. As you look in either window you can see the painted on concession stand with candy and popcorn on the shelves. On the back wall as you walk into the faux theatre it appears to have curtains drawn back so you can see into the theatre. You can see the rows of seats barely lit by the movie screen. beauty and the beast is playing on the screen. the clients last name was day so they wanted the sing out front to say 'Day theatre'. This was a fun mural because it is very unique.

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